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Workshop 2006
Capacitation Courses from 18 to 22 of september 2006

Ecobamboo is a bamboo timber and laminate factory near the City of Cali, Colombia, invites you to its Guádua – Workshop from Monday 18. to Friday 22. of September 2006.

Bamboo Workshop on Guádua Processing

Guádua is the most frequently used of the giant Bamboos growing in tropical South America. Its abundant resources from Panama to Paraguay are used for traditional architecture and farm work. Especially in Colombia we find a wide range of species, there is intensive investigation on all levels for possible uses. Since the 80´s there is some conservation efforts of the still abundant resource, cattle and coffee farmers are not anymore allowed to eradicate the clumps, even a sustainable harvesting cycle has been developed by local environmental authorities.
In recent years some fabulous architectural masterpieces have been built, even outside the continent, but still more than 75% of the mature culms in natural clumps are rotting away instead of being harvested and put into long term use and CO2 fixing applications.

To promote the knowledge about the existence of this “Gift of the Gods” and to learn “hands on” its multiple uses in architecture and furniture industry, periodically an international workshop is offered. Before or after the workshop you could plan an additional week to travel around in Cauca Valley, guided or individually, to visit the bamboo collection in nearby Tulua, rent a bamboo raft on “Rio la Vieja”, visit the Theme Parks like “Panaca” or the “Coffee Park”, etc.

This workshop intends to build a variety of little projects to give an overview of successful techniques, and going even a little bit into the practice of each item.

The daily routine starts with some technical explications on tools, techniques and tricks. Then the participants form workgroups and built under guidance the different elements like walls, bamboo trusses, furniture and gazebos. During the coffee and lunch breaks there is time for small talk and discussion. The 20 to 25 participants are located at a nice neighborhood farm, where after supper a film or a PowerPoint conference on the daily theme gives a wider understanding and leads to interactive discussion for those who still don’t want to sleep…..

    Monday 18. 09.2006
    • Arrival and subscription, until 11 a.m.
    Theme: “Bamboo on first touch”
    • Familiarizing with the culms and their anatomy, their applications and limitations for structures. Ancient and efficient work methods and the use of tools and tricks. Building of a mobile shelter, using only ropes and poles, as proposed by Leonardo da Vinci.
    • Presentation of the design for the gazebo and the social housing unit. Explications of the building method. Elaboration of the cutting list, preparation of the poles, cutting exercise for everybody. Start of the gazebo construction.
    • Video and conference on Guádua, constructions and forestry, in Colombia.
    Tuesday 19. 09.2006
    Theme: “Bamboo Timber for construction and furniture”
    • Bamboo preservation exercise, selection criteria: maturity, specific gravity, straightness and colors. Borax treatment via immersion or “bouchery”..
    • Start with a “fish belly truss” construction, transferring the coordinates from a 1:50 drawing to a real size. The truss will be used later for a school room.
    • Crack free drying of poles or strips, apropriate storage, cost analysis.
    • Visit with a forest engineer to a Guádua Groove under sustainable harvesting in the neighborhood. Preparation of a traditional Indian recipe with Guádua shoots.
    • Evening conference with Dr Liese´s Fotos of Bamboo Anatomy, theory on ecologically friendly preservation and crack free drying of Bamboo Poles.
    Miércoles 20. 09.2006
    Tema: “Estructuras exitosas de la Eco-ingeniería con Guadua”
    • Diferentes uniones de guadua, sus alcances y sus limitaciones. Las uniones de la “cercha pez “seran rellenadas con cemento, para posterior ensayo de laboratorio.
    • Se elabora un entrepiso experimental de 6 x 9 metros luz libre apoyado sobre columnas de guadua. El piso será cargado con una losa de concreto para ensayos.
    • Conferencia sobre principios como “protección por diseño” en construcciones de guadua, enfocando éxitos y morfologías de obras recientes. Discusión sobre diseño antisísmico con guadua. Explicación de alcances y limitaciones de cálculos estructurales con guadua por un ingeniero civil.
    Wednesday 20. 09.2006
    Theme: “Bamboo structures – engineering with vegetal steel”
    • Several bamboo joint techniques, their power and their limits, cememnt mortar injection and testing procedures.
    • Building of a 6 x 9 meter span as a structure for a second floor, using King truss and other bridge building principles.
    • Conference on “protection by design” principles in bamboo structures, Bamboo Bridges and other mayor achievements. Discussion on bamboo design, engineering and seismic behavior.
    Thursday 21.9.2006
    Theme: “Industrial uses of Bamboo”
    • Split production, mobile machinery and processing line, selection criteria, possible dimensions and product variety of laminates and trim.
    • Building the schools wall structure and fixing the truss to its footings. Discussion of different traditional systems like “bahareque” and earth plaster, -modern alternatives - with superboard and drywall panels.
    • Laminated boards and panels are made and used as panels for the gazebos. Video on bamboo laminates and industrial uses.
    • Lecture on eco-architecture, discussion on biological criteria of bamboo houses versus maintenence costs, - Live Cycle Assesment on the long run.
    Friday 22.9.2006
    Theme: “Costs and Marketing”
    • Finishing of the different construction and design projects of the workshop, surface treatments with linseed or teak oil, roofing possibilities, etc.
    • Experiences of each work group and their objects.
    • Cost analysis of the efforts and prices at potential markets for bamboo products.
    • Creation of a network between producers, artisans, architects and salesmen.
    • Cleaning up and preparation of a big campfire, barbeque and bamboo salad for the closing party.
How to find Candelaria

The workshop takes place at Ecobamboo Factory in Candelaria, which is a little town 20 km east from Cali. The accommodation and lunch is at Hacienda PROVENZA, a neighborhood farm with nice rooms and even a little swimming pool. Candelaria is easy to reach with 15 minutes ride in taxi or bus from the city of Cali and Palmira, or with Taxi from the Cali Airport.

The cost will be $ 550.000 Pesos or $ 220 Dollars, three daily meals and rooms are included from Monday to Friday. For further travels after the workshop you should have a budget of 30 to 50 Dollars a day. Participants from abroad will have to confirm subscription by email to joerg@joergstamm.com, there will be no downpayment necessary, but they are asked to pay cash on the first day. If the arrival is at Cali Airport, you could advise me y email, or contact me by my mobile phone – 57 - 300 - 557 10 21, eventually somebody could catch you up there. There are direct flights from Miami to Cali Airport (3,5 hours).

Conference language is mostly in Spanish, - people from Brazil, Germany and USA etc. should just ask for translation if they don’t get the message. Anyway most of the message is transmitted hand to hand. Participants should have normal work cloth, a big hat is provided here. Candelaria is hot and has about 30 degrees Celsius during the day, during the night its perfect. The rooms have protection against mosquitoes, - there is no malaria, but mosquito spray is a good protection for outside. It’s recommended to have your own health insurance, Ecobamboo is not responsible for accidents.

Colombia is a nice country with very friendly people, normal crime is not more frequent than in every other Latin American country anyway we are a big group. The political conflict with armed rebel forces is actually limited to remote areas and is not taking place in or near our workshop. I know about statistical numbers and the consequent alert by American authorities, but from my own 15 years experience in living in Colombia, I can easily feel responsible for making this invitation.

The workshop is focusing on craftsmen, architects and civil engineers, do-it-yourself men and women. The message of the workshop is to learn a common language on bamboo utilization, to overcome social hierarchy and to achieve greater challenges in bamboo trade. National and international Participants will get friends and may join on future Bamboo projects. A Guádua network will be launched.

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